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About Summit

Following the ratification of the Paris Agreement and the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability is becoming the crucial barometer of human society’s development, present and future. Companies from all industries have key roles to play in building a sustainable future for Humanity and the Earth that we inhabit. Sustainable Impact Management is necessary to ask the crucial question about what has to be done, what is enough, and what more is possible. Making the ideation of a ‘Green, Inclusive & Open Economy’ a reality is the chance of our lifetime.

This is not only a duty to deliver on for pure survival, but also for designing profitable markets that can enable lasting qualitative economic growth. Corporate Parity’s 2nd Sustainable Impact Management Summit will address eight fundamental topics that will help you understand, implement, manage, and track the necessary progress to ensure your impacts are sustainable. Through presentations and panel discussions by leading industry experts, our aim is to help companies understand an ‘integral approach’ to social, environmental and economic aspects on our journey towards the Green, Inclusive & Open Economy.

This summit is for those industry leaders who have a key role to play in building a sustainable future for the Earth. We would especially encourage CEO’s, CSO’s, Directors, Sustainability Directors, and Vice President’s from the following industries to attend:

  • Banking/ Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Consumer Goods/ Retail
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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