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Today’s Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects are becoming more complex and are being implemented on a much larger scale, with large contract values.

Companies need to have a clear strategy on how to draft, manage and negotiate their EPC contracts in a way that protects their organisation from costly delays, cost overruns, disputes and liabilities.

Corporate Parity’s 5th Annual Global EPC Contract and Risk Management Conference is designed to help you gain insight into multiple experiences with various EPC projects; benefit from the lessons learned by meeting the leaders in the field, and adopt up-to-date strategies on risk mitigation into your own organisation. No matter how complex the project may be, only the best utilisation of all affordable tools for risk mitigation will ensure mutual profit and benefits.

The key topics to be discussed are the following:

What makes major projects successful?

EPC Contracting: from Conception of the Project to Delivery Of the Project

When MEGA Becomes GIGA" in the Context of Today's Market?

Defining Subsurface Risk Allocation Among Project Participants

Case Study: Structuring and Strategies of Licensing Concepts of T-EPC Contracts

Successful Management of EPC Contracts and Dispute Resolution Strategies

Selecting the Best Contract Strategy to Ensure a Best-case Scenario During negotiation

Lowering Owners' Costs Through Risk Sharing & examining the EPC'S "Bankability"


Sponsoring our event offers you the opportunity to reach uniquely targeted audience and demonstrate your commitment to the industrial rapport by strengthening your visibility and brand awareness as a competitive company in your industry.



Houston, Texas, USA

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