2nd Annual Global Supply Chain Innovation Summit | Corporate Parity Summits and Conferences

About the Summit

I n this hypercompetitive world, the need for businesses to deliver more for less whilst meeting regulatory requirements is evermore challenging. Supply Chains and Supply Chain Management are at the heart of addressing this challenge, but the traditional “cost cutting” mentality is no longer sufficient where greater value add is sought and lean is the new norm. Innovation in supply chain and procurement management is needed more than ever.

 Companies and their supply chains need to become more innovative if they are to deal with the complexity of today’s environment and succeed in creating more value for their shareholders. But what does supply chain innovation mean? What does it take to succeed and how do innovative supply chains develop and sustain? Corporate Parity aims to present you with the opportunity to find out about new technologies and how they are helping to transform supply

chains and methodologies for excelling within supply chain and procurement management.Attending this summit will enable you to develop a roadmap to emulate the practices of top performing supply chain organisations The summit format will be a combination of case study presentations; panel discussions; and workshops in order to maximise interaction and benchmarking.