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Dean Smith, Director at AssuringBusiness will be Chairman at Corporate Parity’s upcoming 3rd Annual Global Effective Pricing Summit in London, UK, 11th – 12th April 2019.

A note from the Chair


Well, it’s finally here. Right now. All the historic talk of ‘real-time data analytics’, ‘dynamic pricing’, ‘automated strategies’ and ‘artificial intelligence (AI)’ have converted to practice. We are living in a disruptive age. Machines are greatly augmenting humans, and they are increasingly replacing us in many areas.

Is this good or bad? Actually, I don’t think it matters what we think – it’s going to happen anyway. Increased AI and automation will bring about massive insights and improvements to most aspects of our businesses, and especially when it comes to pricing and revenue management. Customer experience and margins will benefit. When combined with the global shift towards subscription and integrated product and service offers, the world is a very different place indeed even when compared to just a few years ago.

This rapid evolution doesn’t need to be a scary or disabling process. In fact, embracing the digital revolution will enable way more than it hinders. That’s why I am so pleased to be asked to Chair the 3rd Annual Pricing & Revenue Management Summit from Corporate Parity, here in London!

This event promises to be hitting the sweet spots of today’s challenges with digital and market disruption. With increasing ‘trade war’ pressure on international supply chains, changing consumer behaviour and massive amounts of data to leverage, this is a timely and effective event to deliver key strategic thinking and pragmatic, innovative operational improvements.

Corporate Parity has assembled an amazing line-up of speakers from leading global and regional brands to deliver their thoughts and lessons for today and the future. Exploring pricing strategies in varying sectors, whilst considering the entire revenue management chain, is an essential reference toolkit for today’s dynamic and successful business.

I will be there – not just Chairing – but also learning from those with different approaches and ideas. I hope you can join us too…looking forward to sharing winning ideas and learning from the hard-won experience of seasoned professionals and disrupters alike.

Until then!


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