Why Amsterdam?

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Over the past years, Corporate Parity has held a great number of successful forums, summits and conferences in Amsterdam. This is not a mere coincidence, as we feel that the Dutch Capital’s innovative culture and globalism corresponds with the vision we hold for our events, thus making the city a well-suited host for our speakers and delegates.

Below are some of the reasons why you should book your ticket to this city of bicycles, tulips and luring red lights.

Amsterdam, NL. Credit: Shutterstock

1. It’s a mecca for tech people

Historically, The Netherlands have been the European centre for technological innovation, producing a variety of inventions (from CD and DVD to WiFI) and introducing them to the global market. Nowadays, the city has become a haven for high-tech start-ups, attracting young and ambitious innovators from across the globe. With over 2500 tech companies in the Amsterdam Startup Delta, the city is regularly featured in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report by StartupGenome, ranking #20 globally in 2017.

Startup Village in Amsterdam Science Park. Credit: StartupDelta

Amsterdam is also making tremendous advancements in exploring the new hot technologies, namely 3D printing and Virtual Reality, with multiple 3D and VR hubs scattered around the city.

2. It’s global

It is estimated that over 90% of the native population speak English, which makes the city all the more attractive for tourists and nomads from all around the world. Amsterdam has also been voted as the friendliest city in Europe, according to CTV news. Indeed, the city is very welcoming and accommodating to visitors, and friendly local residents are always happy to provide guidance to tourists.

Amsterdam currently hosts residents from 176 different nationalities, securing its place among the world’s most diverse cities.

3. It’s green and sustainable

Amsterdam has been rated as the European Green Capital by the European Commission. The title is well-deserved, as the Dutch capital is known for the abundance of nature, as well as environmental consciousness of its residents.

Anyone who has ever visited Amsterdam couldn’t help but notice just how much the Dutch love their bikes.  With 58% of the population over the age of 12 cycling regularly, bikes account for 36% of the city’s overall traffic.

With its multiple parks and gardens, Amsterdam offers a green oasis of peace and serenity to anyone seeking escape from the city life, without having to travel far.


Vondelpark, Amsterdam, NL. Credit: Kees Kaldenbach, 2012


It is estimated to be 3 times more bikes than people in Amsterdam. Credit: Getty Images

Most Dutch residents are committed to recycling, and the government supports it with a series of strict policies regarding waste management. As much as 90 % of all paper and glass waste in the Netherlands gets recycled and reused. Additionally, there are many local volunteer teams and organizations  dedicated to teaching the importance of recycling and conscious consumption.

4. Culture and leisure

Home to the unsurpassed likes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt, the Dutch capital proudly wears its long-standing cultural tradition. Some of the must-see museums and historical sights include: The Rijksmuseum,  The Van Gogh Museum, The Anne Frank House, The Rembrandt House Museum, Moco and The Stedelijk Modern Arts Museums, and the Royal Palace.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, NL. Credit: Ronald Tilleman

Visitors can also enjoy a walk among the picturesque narrow streets of the Old Town, take a boat ride down the canal, or dive into the city’s many charming small galleries, cafes and street markets.

For those seeking cultural enrichment combined with entertainment, Amsterdam offers dozens of theatres catering to all kinds of audiences, National Opera and Ballet House, Philharmonie, and several comedy cafes.

The Dutch capital is also famous for its rich nightlife: with the fall of dusk the city transforms, lighting up its signature red lights. One can find a variety of restaurants, bars, lounges and dance clubs with music styles to fit any preference.

Amsterdam nightlife. Credit: The Image Bank


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