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Corporate Parity’s FP&A & Budgeting Control Summit took place 17th-18th May 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the Novotel Hotel & Resorts with Kartik Shekar, Production Executive – Corporate Parity & Christoph Breetz, Chairman & Associate Finance Director – Procter & Gamble at the forefront of this summit. Both using their experiences in this area to bring together experts within academia along with practitioners of Finance.

Day 1

Christoph Breetz, Chairman & Associate Finance Director – Procter & Gamble opened day 1 with a KEYNOTE presentation ‘LEVERAGING BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ANALYTICS TO DELIVER THE CLEAR FORECASTS THAT SUPPORT COMMERCIAL DECISIONS’. Xavier Boil, Chief Operating & Financial Officer – Foryard, lead a workshop in the ‘ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE PLATFORMS AND HOW COMPANIES CAN BENEFIT FROM THEM’. During the session, Xavier brought experience from a multi-national commercial point of view as well as a start-up enterprise. This was a topic of interest to all that attended which sparked great levels of engagement.

Matthias Thurner, CTO – Prevero, provided attendees with a technological standpoint detailing AI in Finance with ‘HOW AI, BLOCKCHAIN & OTHER TECHNOLOGIES WILL CHANGE FP FOREVER’. Matthias went into detail regarding how to integrate AI into already existing systems. This was one of the most popular topics covered as AI is an area many know exist but struggle to see the exact function of this industry. Sebastiaan Passtoors CISO & Director International Development – Cranium International Holding, covered a case study which analysed ‘BUILDING A CYBER DEFENSE’ during which he engaged with all attendees.  Sebastiaan displayed immense enthusiasm for this summit & continued discussing any questions during the cocktail reception.

Day 2

Emmanuel Dejonckheere, Head CFO – BNP Paribas Fortis, opened day 2 with a KEYNOTE presentation ‘THE DIGITALIZATION OF THE FP&A FUNCTION’ providing attendees with some of the most engaging content seen at the summit. Emmanuel had a mixture of content types including video, coupled with an expert opinion. This presentation was the least conventional in terms of style. Jan-Pieter Oosterom, Finance Director – Shell, drew a lot of curiosity due to the level of confidentiality that generally surrounds Shell & their activities. Jan covered a case study ‘ENHANCING PLANNING, BUDGETING AND FORECASTING’ during which he provided an excellent comparison of oil price fluctuations highlighting direct measures taken by Shell through consolidation – while making reference to other global companies.

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