Big Disruption Speaker: Dick van Schooneveld – Vice President at Mahler CF

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Dick van Schooneveld, Vice President at Mahler Corporate Finance will be speaking at Corporate Parity’s upcoming Big Disruption Summit.

The Summit will take place on 11th-12th of April 2019 in Amsterdam, and shall become a cross-industry platform for Hi-tech revolutionaries to come together and showcase various disruptive innovations, namely VR, 3D printing, Robotics, 5G, Connected Devices and IoT, Big Data, AI, Cloud Computing, and more. The event will feature a series of presentations by prominent speakers, as well as Disruptive Technology Awards and Exhibition Vista.

Big Disruption will also cater to industry leaders who’s businesses are currently facing challenges posed by technological disruption, providing valuable insights and solutions on how to adapt and stay relevant in the changing ecosystem.


Dick van Schooneveld will deliver a keynote presentation on „How IoT , Blockchain , AR/VR and related technologies will transform the B2B industry; a long term disruption“, with an elaborate focus on how the said technologies  pose threat to enterprise security, and ways to manage this. He shall offer relible solutions to questions like: what type of leadership is needed for an IoT breakthrough in B2B, is it possible to take control over the giant intelligent entity that is IoT and most importantly, how these technologies  will disrupt the industry in the next 5 to 10 years.

Dick was born in Amsterdam, and received his education in The Netherlands and the UK. He was awarded a Masters degree in Business Economics at the University of Tilburg and a MBA degree with distinction at Bradford College.

With over 30 years of experience holding international leadership positionsin the global telecoms and technology industry, Dick is a seasoned executive leading outsourcing and transformation engagements at European telecoms and high tech market players. His expertise lies in particular around outsourcing, transaction, innovation, infrastructure and service related topics.

Prior to Mahler CF, he worked with leading industry giants, including IBM, KPMG, PwC and Philips, where he successfully led large international teams as Director and Executive Partner, and played a decisive leading role in driving revenues and increasing the market presence significantly. Parallel to his executive career path, he holds multiple advisory, supervisory and (non)executive board positions at ICT organizations (Telecom Society, Deerns Engineering, BTG (High End ICT End-users) and ReasonNet, among others).

Outside of work Dick leads an active lifestyle, participating in various sports and social activities. He particularly enjoys golf, tennis, soccer and sailing. Dick also holds a Committee Chair position at Sociëteit De Unie, a private honorable gentlemen’s society in The Netherlands. His club organizes various debating, sport and leisure activities, social gatherings and interest clubs for its members, as well as educational seminars.


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