2nd Annual Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Summit | Corporate Parity Summits and Conferences

2nd Annual Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Summit

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The advancement of a “smart”, connected World is allowing businesses across nations to leapfrog several stages of development in all the industries, redefining business, customer experience, and society.

The tech revolutions like Artificial Intelligence and Big data are changing the way we do business. Today, we have more information than ever and customers expect business to meet them anywhere, any time, on any device.

Now the question is how can companies innovate and capitalise on advances in technology to scale up their businesses? Are the consumers happy? Are the companies realising the potential of Analytics? What your business market is capable of doing informed by real-time data?

Corporate Parity presents the 2nd Edition of Global Digital Transformation and Innovation Summit. The summit will provide you a platform to understand and learn more about current trends, challenges, technology, and innovations and finally give you a glimpse on what’s coming in the future to be prepared for.

The 2-day summit will be a mix of keynotes, case studies, expert talks and panel discussions which will definitely inspire you for your next project, stretch your knowledge in a new direction or show how someone in a different industry has tackled a problem just like yours.

The summit isn’t just about the presentations, but about networking, discussing ideas and exchanging thoughts. You never know, you might end up meeting your new business partner!

Are you ready to reimagine your business?


  • Leadership: The Culture of Digital Transformation
  • Adoption of AI to drive innovation to break through traditional business mindset
  • How to Make an Enterprise as Dynamic as a Startup?
  • Autonomous future-The future we will live in
  • Is your company thinking about DISRUPTIVE Innovation?
  • Debating the future of data privacy in the age of digital identification!
  • Enhancing customer service and employee engagement with centralised, machine learning technology